"Aces of The Eighth" by Jack Fellows

“Twin Tailed Lightning”

(Sung to the tune of “Running Bear.”)

In the jungles of New Guinea, the Headhunters carved their name
They were brave and they were fearless, downing Zeros was their game
From the beaches of Port Moresby, it was three miles to their drome
T’was a dirt strip carved in a hillside, this is the place they called their home


Twin Tailed Lightning was their warplane
As they roamed Pacific skies
Searching out the sons of Nippon
Sending them to their demise
They were known not as a number, but as a name denoting fear
A tiny native was their logo, making history for all to hear
With names like Homer, Norb Ruff and Murphy, Cragg and Robbins, and Kirby too
They swept the sky clean of the Jap menace
And came back victors when they flew
They flew out from their airdrome in their Lightnings climbing high
Looking up to find some Zeros, gonna blow them from the sky
All the odds were against them, all they had were their planes
And some friends down in the jungle, who made sure they’d fly again
Making aces was their standard, two-hundred kills even more
With fifty cal and twenty mike-mike, they always ran up their meatball score
About the odds they never worried, from tree top level they’d cut ’em down
And when they landed from their melees, they would drink and f*ck around
NOTE:  “Twin Tailed Lightning” was written by Lt Col Robert L. “Robbie” Robbins to honor his father, Lt Gen Jay T. Robbins, the leading Ace of the 8th Fighter Group of WWII and 80th Fighter Squadron Commander from 27 Dec 1943 – 4 Oct 1944. It was written in the Fall of 1982 while Robbie was in the 80th FS at Kunsan, Korea. It is now our Squadron Song–sung by the Juvat Boys’ Choir at every singing engagement.

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