"Aces of The Eighth" by Jack Fellows


Compiled by Dr. Larry Simpson

When Kirby was still sending out e-mails, his “Kirby Grams” often contained different stories and personal recollections. One of his mailing lists was to friends he met on-line in AvSig; an aviation web site. Two of those close friends are Penny Wilson and Dr Larry Simpson, both of whom literally saved and changed Kirby’s life—at least twice. They are now LTMs of our Association.

In August 2009, “Doc Larry” took the initiative to brush the cobwebs off Kirby’s old e-mails that he had saved through the years, pull out all of the different stories and memories, put them together and publish them in a book. Another AvSig pilot, Cory Emberson, is a professional proofreader and editor. She did much of the editing along with Doc Larry’s wife and family. He asked Kirby what he wanted to do with the profits of the book, and Kirby asked that all profits be given to our Headhunter Association. That has come to pass, and Kirby’s 172-page book is now available from the Headhunter Association for $12.99 + $2 postage, or directly from Lulu.com from the link above, or their link below. Believe me, it’s worth every penny!

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Many thanks to Doc Larry, and everyone else who helped put this great book together. It needed to be done. Most of all, thanks to Kirby for passing down all of these gems for the rest of us to enjoy. You are greatly appreciated by all of us, Kirby—Thank you.

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