"Aces of The Eighth" by Jack Fellows

Memories of a Fighter Pilot

By Jay E. Riedel

Memories of a Fighter Pilot by Jay Riedel is a collection of as many of his personal recollections as he can remember that would be of a significant interest to most readers. They are as accurate as he remembers them. Many will make you laugh, some will water your eyes, and some will have you gripping your chair with white knuckles. “I have experienced many of life’s ups and downs, and I hope all who read of these episodes will be entertained, yet glean some information that may be of use in their own lives. It was quite a ride.” Foreword by Gen Chuck Horner. Paperback 340-page book with many photos is available from the author, or from the link below. Also available on Barnes & Noble.com and Amazon.com


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