"Aces of The Eighth" by Jack Fellows

50th Anniversary Reunion, San Antonio, TX: October 1-4, 1992

50th Anniversary Reunion
13th Reunion

Hosted by
Jim & Lois Ince
Menger Hotel
San Antonio, TX
1-4 October 1992

This outstanding 13th reunion to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the birth of our Squadron in 1942 was hosted by one of our WWII Aces, Jim Ince and his wife Lois.  Over 150 people attended from a membership of less than 300.  Not only did we have the regular reunion festivities, but Jim and Lois subsidized an outstanding Tex-Mex Fiesta Party Friday night with some of the proceeds from Lois and other wives selling of Headhunter Cook Books!  A truly unique reunion–who said number 13 is unlucky!!!



  1. It was good to finally find online pictures of my late father’s 50th “Headhunter” reunion that he hosted in San Antonio in 1992…if there are any more pictures of any of the reunions that you folks could send, please email them to me. Also what would be VERY valuable to me would be any WW2 recollections of my Dad or even post-war recollections of his activities. Thank you so very much.

    Jim Ince, Jr

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