"Aces of The Eighth" by Jack Fellows

Camp Victory Base, Baghdad Iraq – Nov 2007

These two great photos were sent in 25 November 2007 by Col William “Willie” Brandt.  Here is his e-mail message:


Willie Brandt here.  I am sending a photo of Col Eric ‘Wiener’ Schnitzer and me taken 25 Nov 2007 on the back patio of ‘Air Force House’, Camp Victory Base, Baghdad, Iraq.  Wiener was ‘transferring authority’ of the Air Support Operations Group he has been in command of for the past 6-months.  Since I was ‘conveniently’ at Balad Air Base, Iraq, I caught a Blackhawk helicopter ride down south to attend.  This photo was taken immediately after the ceremony, but it is unique in that it was 5-years almost to the day that we took a similar photo together at Kunsan in our ops building while waiting for the Secretary of the Air Force to visit.  Wiener was Juvat Lead at the time and I was the Operations Officer.  The older photo, taken with ‘Woody Juvat’, is still posted on your web site today and was taken 27 Nov 2002 (photo attached).  The new photo was taken five years later on 25 Nov 2007.  Amazing how things like that happen!

You, our fellow Headhunters & Juvats and all your families are in my prayers and thoughts as this Christmas and Holiday season are upon us.

All my best,


Our thanks to Willie for these great photos.  You all are also in our prayers.  Hurry home.

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