"Aces of The Eighth" by Jack Fellows

F80 Computer Art

This photo and write-up was sent in on 7 March 2007 by Baird Martin

“Jay – I just had to let you know about this one.  A particular group of 1950 graduates from VA Tech  (actually the members of the Regimental Band, the Highty-tighties) went back to the campus in September for a mini-reunion. While there, we visited the Cadet Corps lounge where Col. Rock Roszak, USAF, Ret. has started a wall of framed computer art aircraft pictures of various planes flown by the Cadet Corps Alumni. He does the computer art himself as a hobby.  When I found out that he did not have an F-80 up there, I of course volunteered myself. (He has just about a complete collection from WWII on up to present.)  The end result is on the attachment. I am sending this on just for your personal enjoyment because I am so proud of the picture, and of having my 80th F-80 up there in the Cadet lounge with other VT alumni.  It is, I believe, quite accurate in detail to include my crew chief’s name.

I hope to see you in the spring.

Baird Martin”

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