"Aces of The Eighth" by Jack Fellows

“Porky” Cragg’s paint scheme

After the bird was painted in Jay T. Robbins’ markings as seen above, the decision was made to redo it as Maj Ed “Porky” Cragg’s second P-38, Porky II.  If you notice, both birds were camouflaged in the OD paint scheme, and both birds had the “A” marking on the nose and tail.  The 14 aerial victories shown on Porky II accurately reflect its markings on 26 December 1943–the day Porky Cragg was lost soon after shooting down his 15th enemy aircraft.  Maj Cragg, as our Squadron Commander, gave us our nickname of the Headhunters in honor of the local New Guinea natives who helped our downed pilots elude Japanese capture and returned them back to friendly lines.  This beautiful P-38 is an outstanding tribute to this 80th Fighter Squadron legend.

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