"Aces of The Eighth" by Jack Fellows

Repainting of the P-38J – Planes of Fame Museum

The repainting of the P-38J of the Planes of Fame Museum in California began on 22 January.  Here are photos of the project sent in by Chris “Zippo” Fahey, fellow Headhunter, pilot for the Museum, and who was just checked out in the bird a few weeks ago.  This Lightning, only one of two in the world which flies regularly, will be repainted in the Olive Drab colors of Headhunter Jay T. Robbins’ 2nd Aircraft.  This aircraft, showing 13 aerial victories, was flown by Capt (later Maj) Robbins when he first took command of the 80th Fighter Squadron on 26 Dec 1943 upon the loss of Capt “Porky” Cragg.  Maj Robbins went on to become the 80th and the 8th Fighter Group’s leading Ace with 22 confirmed kills before returning home on 1 December 1944.


Day 1 – 22 January 2003
Sanding, scraping, and cleaning

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