"Aces of The Eighth" by Jack Fellows

Vietnam era patch

The yellow “Headhunter” patch on the Norman-style shield was later worn extensively during the Vietnam War, modified as shown.

In the summer of 1971 when the Squadron picked up the nickname of JUVATS, the above patch was modified again by replacing “HEADHUNTERS” with “JUVAT” on end-of-tour plaques and coffee mugs; however, the “HEADHUNTER” patch was not changed for flight suits.  It was discarded in favor of the original-style WWII patch during the early 1980s, but is still worn sometimes today on special occasions.


  1. I am a former member of the Headhunters, serving from 1973-74. I still have many fond memories of my time at Kunsan.
    I retired from Headquarters Air Rescue Service in 1992, as the Life Support Superintendent.
    Someone told me there was a get-together coming up…. I would be interested in seeing some old friends from that time… Does anyone have any photos to share of that period? (1973-74)

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