"Aces of The Eighth" by Jack Fellows

Jaybird in 1979 & 1980

These two were given to JayBird at the Mesa Reunion in April 2004 by Joan Fudala.  I never knew these photos existed!  Joan, who is the wife of Gene Fudala, worked in 8th TFW HQ in 1979-1980 when Gene and I were in the 80th together.  My many thanks go out to Joan for these two personal photos!


  1. (1) Lt Col Dick “Batman” Swope (C), 80th TFS/DO and Capt John “Smiley” Deloney (L) congratulate Lt Col Jay “JayBird” Riedel (80TFS/CC) on reaching 4000 hours flying time on 2 November 1979.

    (2) CofC ceremony in early February 1980 of Lt Col Jay “JayBird” Riedel passing the 80th TFS Guidon to the new 80th TFS/CC Lt Col Dick “Batman” Swope with 8th TFW/CC Col Richard Beyer officiating.

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