"Aces of The Eighth" by Jack Fellows

More misc. World War II photos » This photo, which belonged to “Corky” Smith, was taken in August 1943 in Port Moresby. The numbered individuals are: 1) Ed Robertson; 2) Carl E. “Freddie” Taylor; 3) * Ken Ladd (KIA); 4) Bob Siebenthal (Corky’s tent mate); 5) * Ed “Porky” Cragg, commander at this time. He was KIA 4 months later on 26 Dec 1943. He gave our Squadron the name “Headhunters”; 6) Harrison “Sad Sack” Freeman; 7) * Donald C. “Fibber” McGee; 8) Raymond Daly; 9) * John Jones; 10) Don Hanover with “Birddog”; 11) * Jay T. “Cock” Robbins; 12) * Cornelius M. “Corky” Smith; 13) James R. “Red” Wilson; and 14) Robert “Swede” Hanson. Individuals with an * before their name are Aces.

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