"Aces of The Eighth" by Jack Fellows

New Guinea in 1944

The following 5 photos were sent in by Ken Lloyd on 5 August 2002.  All were taken in 1944 by Deac Logslett.


  1. I am looking for anyone who might have information about the 80th 5th Air force under Gen. Kenney, during the periods of July, 1943 to Jan. 1944. My uncle Lt. Jesse E. Gidley was a fighter pilol flying P-38’s and was shot down in Jan. 1944. His flght leader was Capt. Cy Homer and saw him go down. Lt. Gidley was flying in the position of “tail gun charlie”. Does anyone know of any members of this group. I have a picture of a group of pilots, of which Lt. Gidley was one, standing under a sign captioned ” the hotest pilots in the world”. Perhaps your father or relative was a member of this group. Please contact me if you have any info.

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