"Aces of The Eighth" by Jack Fellows

Vietnam Photo Gallery » Another photo from Joe Snoy. “Here is the 80th squadron picture than was taken about Feb ’71 when the squadron was momentarily deactivated at Yokota. This picture matches the crews on the roster I sent earlier. This was PACAF’s F4C Wild Weasel Sq. All the crews had been through the WW school at Nellis except Lt Col Oakes and Lt Col Payn (Oakes eventually went to WW school). Everyone in the squadron had completed a combat tour in Vietnam (except Payn) – the aircraft commanders had 1000+ hrs in the jet and the EWOs had F105WW or EB-66 tours. It was a very experienced group – all senior Capts or Majors. Oakes said he was lucky to have such an experienced group and didn’t worry about lack of maturity or experience. Look in the back row – see the tallest head just left of the ladder – that’s him – Richand B. Myers. To the right of Myer’s (as you look into the page) is Jim Monsees (2 Migs in Vietnam) and to the right of Monsees is Billy Gough. I have not been able to get a hold of Monsees – He would have some Mig-killer stories. I am kneeling – second from the right end.” Many thanks to Joe Snoy for sending in these great photos and information from this extremely important time in our Squadron’s history.

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