"Aces of The Eighth" by Jack Fellows

“The Whole Truth” by Bob Harvey

Fellow Headhunters,

Last year we posted a link to the transcripts of the Lt Col “Roscoe” Wilkerson court martial, inviting you to read the evidence in its entirety and judge for yourself the merits of the case. Fellow fighter pilot Col Bob Harvey (retired) did just that and has published his first book which dissects the entire case. The result is a both a compelling read and a shocking indictment of how the politics of political correctness and appeasement to special interests has subverted the military justice system.

The book is available through Amazon.com; we’ve provided a link to purchase the book on our store site. It’s available in both paperback and as a Kindle product.



EDIT: our previous email mistakenly claimed Ragman Harvey as a past Headhunter. Aplologies for the confusion.

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