"Aces of The Eighth" by Jack Fellows

Glenn Hope


Glenn Hope P-38 pilot

Glenn Hope in P-38 RUFF STUFF 2010

Glenn in Norb Ruff’s “Ruff Stuff”

From Dean Hope:
Sorry to inform you that Dad (Glenn Hope) passed away last month. He was 94 and his old body gave way to the complications of a long life. He went peacefully in his sleep. I have been the care caregiver this last year and after taking care of the after death affairs I’m on a month trip to Bali Indo. Staying at a good friends where I have been beforehand. Needed a break and a little adventure. If I’m right, Dad was the last of the original Head Hunter pilots ? Hope all is well with you. Dean


  1. Forwarded from Jaybird:

    Aloha Dean,
    This is very sad news, although I’m glad to hear he didn’t suffer. I was proud to have Glenn as a friend, and our golf games together with you and your Dad are true great memories of mine. May he rest in Peace, and forever soar with the Eagles. Yes, I believe Glenn was the last of the original Headhunter pilots. Dino Cerutti is still here, but I think he came to the Sq later. Take care, my friend, and enjoy your time now. I’ll get the word out to the rest of the Squadron. Hope to see you at future reunions! All the best, Jaybird

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