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2015 New Year Message

Greetings Fellow Headhunters,

Welcome to 2015.

In 2014, Major Chris “Lude” Kibble completely redesigned our new website.  You can register for the site and pay for your annual membership or buy a LTM, literally, in about 3 minutes.  Note that with our short-notice return to Texas and the subsequent hunt for a new house, I’ve fallen behind in activating some of the new registrants on the website.  Sorry ’bout that.  Working it as we speak.

You can also sign up (on the right sidebar) to receive notifications of posts to the website as well as links to the current Newsletter.

The Store procedures are now fast and easy.

And best of all, NO MORE PAYPAL.  Those of you who used it on the old (PTUI!!) website are grandfathered and can let Paypal keep making your dues payments or you can cancel with Paypal and use our new Stripe system.

Please take a minute and renew your Annual Membership dues as soon as you can.

For 2015 the big news is the 2015 Reunion to be held in Colorado Springs at the National Museum of WWII Aviation.  April 23-26.  The final information flyers should be posted by mid week.  Please check back then for the signup sheet and more info on the reunion events to include a singalong with The JBC, Dick Jonas and JL#108 LtCol Rob “Trip” Raymond of “Dos Gringos” fame helping out.

Driver Mac has set up a great time.  Now all we need there is you!

All in all, its been a good year for your Association.  I remind you that the Association is more than Lude, Nogas, HH01 Emeritus Jaybird and I. Your participation makes and keeps the Association strong.

See you in Colorado Springs.  Get your HH buddies to attend, too.

What Is Good?

Tex, Lude, Nogas and Rita2

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