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Banquet Uniform Of The Day

Certain unruly elements of your Association recently contacted me regarding acceptable uniforms for the reunion banquet.

When Kirby started the Association, the tradition was suits/coats & ties for the gentlemen and cocktail dresses for the ladies since people from that generation dressed for almost all occasions.  Later generations are decidedly less formal, although most of our ladies still do enjoy dressing up.

After consulting with HH01 Emeritus (Jaybird) here’s the official policy:

Ladies:  Cocktail Dress / Formal or Semi-formal Pants Suit

Gentlemen:  Coat and Tie OR Juvat Party Suit (with shoes- no flip flops, please)

However, if you’re flying in on a cross country and space in the jet is limited, Business Casual or a clean flight suit (with boots)  is OK.

We think that represents a good compromise from the values of the  WWII guys down to those of  the present day Juvats-  classy but not stuffy.

That being said, for the 2015 reunion ladies might want to bring some comfortable shoes and a sweater since we’ll be touring the Museum and possibly the restoration area which may be a bit cooler.




    • Bugz,

      The policy merely addressed ‘coat and tie’ and makes no mention of how one covers his nether parts. Either a bifurcated or non-bifurcated lower garment falls within the guidelines.

      Since food is being served, and in your case however, I might suggest some electrolysis or waxing treatment beforehand.

      I’m just sayin’…

      • I hardly need a hair net, and with a kilt, one wears hose, so that takes care of my legs.

        Furthermore, when worn in the Regimental fashion, the nether parts are not actually covered other than by the kilt itself. Ladies, please refrain for trying to verify that. Karrie takes a dim view of no notice ‘kilt checks’.


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