"Aces of The Eighth" by Jack Fellows

Dale Rook

It is with deep regret that I inform you of Dale Rook’s passing. He died on June 17th 2014. He is very much missed by family and friends. I am sure that he will be at the Reunion in spirt.

Bonnie Rook (beachfrontrentals@cox.net )

Dale was one of our Korean War vets. RIP, Sir.

Once again I make my plea:

                                  Why you should send me your memoirs and photos.
“Did you write it down? If you did not, you should have. This is because only what you have committed to paper has significance. Man’s experience is only that which he has recorded. The more you consider that, the more significant it may become. The Heinlein Hypothesis declaims that only the historic record establishes the essence of the human experience. If it was not written down, it might as well not have happened”. Lt Col Jeff Cooper

Likewise if you have a scrapbook or other such item, please take it to a commercial service like Kinko’s and have it copied to a CD or thumb drive. HH HQ will reimburse you for your reasonable expenses if you send us a copy (and give a copy to your children and grandchildren) and I will endeavor to preserve it on the website. Again, “If it was not written down, it might as well not have happened”.

If you have a memento- like a scarf, or patch or piece of clothing or flying helmet that you want preserved for Headhunters yet unborn, please contact our Historian, Bob “Driver Mac” McNeese (nwapilot2@msn.com) and he will find a resting place  where it will be proudly displayed.



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