"Aces of The Eighth" by Jack Fellows

A Note From Ruth Saffro

As most of us know, Ruth is the widow of Yale Saffro, the man you gave us the Headhunter patch.  Some of his art and  other works are in our display case at the National Museum of WWII Aviation.  We hope to acquire more of his chronicles and journals.    If Lude will ever tell me how to do it, I will post Norb’s narration of Yale’s photo’s that Shelly mentions in the WWII history section.

This, from Yale’s daughter Shelly Saffro Brostoff: 


A couple  of years ago I gave Jay a copy of a book that I had put together after my father passed away.  Norbert (Ruff) was recorded explaining the photos.  He said it was the most interesting and complete look at the beginnings of the 80th.  Dad also wrote a journal and I love to read about the people he knew and what he did.  If you would like to hear about some of it please  call me.  As for the drawings, they were donated. I have drawings that Dad made and a book with some of the “ Nose Art” of the 80th.  Dad died before the book went to print so he never got to see them.  For your interest….Dad was the Ground Crew Chief for Richard Bong when he was with the 80th for a short time.  Dad also got an opportunity to talk to Charles Lindbergh and I know he didn’t realize that Dad was Jewish.

 I will miss all of you!

Shelly Saffro Brostoff

Here’s a note I received from Ruth:

Ruth Saffro Letter

What a delightful , charming Lady.  I’m proud to have met her at one of the reunions.  If you don’t attend reunions, see what you could be missing?


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