"Aces of The Eighth" by Jack Fellows

Headhunter Korean War KIA

On this Memorial Day 2015 it is fitting to honor and remember our comrades lost in yet another war the politicians would not let us win.  Even so, they did not give their lives in vain.

(Author unknown; a Juvat Headhunter ca mid-1980’s is all we know)

Many of our friends,
Some of the best,
For freedom have paid the highest price.
But they’re not really dead
No, they’ve merely flown West.
Final debrief we’ll see them with the rest.

From Rickenbacker to Bullet
We’ll meet them all again
When all the wars are over
Where there’s no one left to defend
‘Cause the fighter pilots will be there
Until the bitter end
To defend the skies as only we can do.

50-51 KIA 1

50-51 KIA 2

50-51 KIA 3

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