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Jeff Dishart

Back in February I posted a short blurb on Jeff Dishart concerning his fight with his MSA disease.

I was notified by Captain Sean “Notch” Foote that Jeff flew West on 13 June 2015.

I received an email from his brother, Steve skdishart@me.com about a possible wake to be held 8 Aug 2015 in Pittsburgh.

I will try to attend to represent the Association.

If you need any further details or could attend the wake, contact Steve and Cc me, please.

Hey Tex,
Glad you mentioned Jeff in the Newsletter. Here is a link that guys that knew Jeff can go and make comments in the guest book for his memorial.


Also I am still trying to get you a short bio on Bullet. I have pictures of both him and Jeff as Juvats. Some as literally natives from the jungles of New Guinea…..

Rock (Hobbs)


  1. Thanks for the info Dawn. Would love to have the photos of Jeff and Bullit for our archives. Thanks also for your dues. Much appreciated!

    Bob “Muskrat” McNeese

  2. I have a few good pics of Bullet too, if you want them. I have a great one where is was dressed for Halloween as Hot Lips, it was great. Good times for sure.

  3. I am very sorry to hear this, he was a good guy. I remember him talking about his brothers being Navy pilots. He dated that blonde girl, I wonder if they married.

    God bless him. God bless you too Rock Hobbs.

    I too, loved being a JUVAT!

    Best Personal Regards,

    Sep 81 – Sp 82 JUVAT

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