"Aces of The Eighth" by Jack Fellows

Dick Jonas Fighter Pilot Troubadour

Over the years, Dick and Mary Jonas have been faithful supporters of the Association and have performed basically for free at reunions.

If you’d like to support him, you can find some of his CDs at the Association store:

You can also go here to find a larger assortment: http://www.erosonic.com/

Dick Jonas is hands down the most well-known singer of fighter pilot songs and chronicler of the way of the life of the American Fighter Pilot. In his own words, his mission is:
‘To preserve . . .
The songs we sang
About the planes we flew
And the people we knew
In the wars we fought.’

Visit his blog where you can discuss, comment, and enjoy Military Music, its history and its contribution to society here: “Passing The Flame” http://erosonic.blogspot.com/

Then take a look at the amazing collection of songs of fighter pilots, written by fighter pilots for fighter pilots, all available at one source: www.erosonic.com

Read these reviews before you go:

“At either site, you’re in for a helluva ride!” Woody Juvat (Juvat Boys’ Choir Lead)

“Dick Jonas uses words we’ve never heard before and who can barely carry a tune, but we love him so… well, actually we don’t, but Mary is very nice!” Dos Gringos

“That’s BS! Dick can sing almost as well as we can.” Toby Hughes qnd Irv Levine

“Dick’s voice is as distinctive as Willie Nelson’s. He’s just not as pretty as Willie.” Jerry Minton, 80FBS, Korean War Pilot (by permission of The Minton Group)

“Dick Who?” M.F. Kirby, WWII P-38 Ace, 80th Pursuit Squadron, Wewak, New Guinea, April 1944

“Tex, knock it off!” Jaybird Riedel, Colonel, USAF (Retired)

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