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2015 Dues Are Due: Third Notice

By now every Annual Member for whom I have a valid snail mail address has received his “2015 Dues Are Due” reminder.

If you haven’t gotten your little yellow postcard, it’s because I either don’t have an address for you or it’s in the process of being returned to me from the nice government men at the Post Office.

If you’re an Annual Member (AM) haven’t already done so, please “buy” your dues at the Store: https://80fsheadhunters.org/store/

Click on the “Buy Now” grey tab on the upper right.

You’ll be prompted to “Log In” or “Create an Account”

From there just follow the prompts.

The whole process is fast and painless.

Safe and secure using Stripe not Paypal. Our website (thanks, Lude) is also encrypted (“https”).

It’s just like buying anything over the internet using your credit card and you can cancel recurring payments anytime you want to.

Please take care of it as soon as you can.



  1. Hey Tex,
    not sure about others but I have not been able to process payment thru the website for dues. Can you send me an address to mail to and I will send a check.

    • Rock,

      You bought your annual membership on 27 July 2015. Stripe will automatically deduct $10 on the anniversary of that date until you cancel the automatic payments. The same applies to anybody who paid using the old Paypal system.
      You are paid up until you cancel.
      Hope that helps.
      Any further problems, contact Lude@80fsheadhunters.org and he’ll straighten it out.

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