"Aces of The Eighth" by Jack Fellows

Twin Tail Lightning (Sanitized Version)

My granddaughter invites me to her school each Veterans Day where a bunch of old pharts give a short presentation to the various classes about life in US Armed Forces. Most of the presenters are Army guys but there are a couple of squids and a Jarhead or two. I am typically the only AF guy there. Last year, in an effort to show the spirit and elan of Headhunter fighter pilots AND to shame the grunts (who mostly talk about Command and Control In Modern Warfare, what they ate at chow in SEA, and the latest Big Green Army Concept of Operations) I wanted to play TTL for the class and (of course) act out the song. Unfortunately, the last stanza contains a naughty word. I contacted LTM Emmit Brooks for a sanitized version of it. He did a quick remix and VIOLA! (sic).
The fifth graders loved it- even the Asian kid!
Thanks, Emmit!
So, if you need a sanitized version without the “F” word, please drop me an email and I’ll forward it to you in digital format.




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