"Aces of The Eighth" by Jack Fellows

JL #110’s Change Of Command Ceremony

I received some pictures from the CoC  from Capt Thomas Hainline.

Unfortunately I simply didn’t have enough room in the August Headhunter Headlines to put them all in.

Meet JL 110 (.pdf file):

 80 FS CoC Program 2016


JL #109 Lt Col  John Gallemore Relinquishes Command:

JL109 Reliquishes Command

Jl #110 Lt Col  Matthew Crowell Assumes Command:

JL110 Assumes Command

JL #110 Receives First Salute:

JL 110 Receives First Salute



I've attached the best pictures that PA was able to take during the change
of command, as well as the program that was handed out at the ceremony
itself.  All the biographical info on JL109 and JL110 is in the program as well as
the current Viper's.
Crush 'Em

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