"Aces of The Eighth" by Jack Fellows

Master Roster Updated 1 Jan 2017

Log in and you can view it here: https://80fsheadhunters.org/master-roster/

I finally got Lude off his ass and had him make me take a serious look at a more user-friendly way to display and actually be able to use the MR online. ;>)

He swears he’ll force me to choose a better method than the current one soon.

If you’re having trouble it’s probably because your data entry staff failed to input your membership status. Drop me a line: HH01@80fsheadhunters.org or simply click on Contact Us

If you need to update your information, you can go here:
Update Your Personal Data Here

It’s a beta test version, so we’ll try it out for now. You may not see changes to the MR for a while because the data entry staff is also holding out for pay raises… PLEASE USE ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.


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