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State Of The Association/Yellow Postcards/Cashflow Problems

Greetings Fellow Headhunters,

The Annual Yellow Postcards are in the mail.

I use them to keep snail and e- mail addresses current. Already I‘ve received over 20 address updates from you all. Many thanks. Keep them coming (so to speak)!!

Lifetime and paid up Annual Members, you can really help me out with that (not so) little administrative chore as many of the addresses I have for you may have become outdated since you signed up:

Hover your mouse over the “Contact Us” tab and the “Update Your Contact Info” tab will pop up. Just type in your information. It’ll take you less than 2 minutes.

I also use them to dun the Annual Members (AM) for dues.

To “buy” your Annual dues:
a. Hover over the “Log In/Out” tab. The “Register” tab will pop up;
b. Register;
c. Click on the “Store” tab and buy the membership of your choice. We’re using Stripe. It’s fast and very secure. Stripe will charge your credit card every year until you cancel. You can cancel at any time. When you buy your membership, I can find your billing address, so don’t bother updating your contact info. Just remember to do so when you move or change email addresses.

That being said, our finances are still healthy, BUT we do have a looming problem. Annual dues payments cover our annual operating costs, plus or minus a little. Out of 202 AM’s, 144 have not paid their dues for the last several years (4-5). I really don’t blame them as the previous website was a PITA and an abortive nightmare designed by Communist NORK’s. That has all changed and paying dues now by “buying” your membership could not be easier. SRSLY!

As an example, last year’s expenses for website costs, 107 paper newsletters to the non-computer folks, address update postcards and dues reminder postcards (minus $500 to the “Spring High” video project) ran about $2200. That means I had to make up about $1500 from our savings last year and for the previous 4-5 years.

To help defray Member’s reunion expenses, the Association also pays the Hospitality Suite expenses. That runs $2000 to $2800 per reunion. In my mind, that saves attendees about $50 per couple and helps to get people to the reunions.

To recap: Annual expenses are about $2200. 2017 expenses (includes reunion) will be about $5000. Current AM dues received are about $580 (Thanks, guys and gals!!) & AM dues not received are about $1500. If all the AM’s would pay, on non-reunion years, the Association would about break even.

I am not soliciting contributions from LTM’s or dues-current AM’s. While they are appreciated (and you know who I’m talkin’ ’bout, Kl*nger!) what we really need is for the non-current Annual Members to become, well, “current”. If that happens we will be in fine shape for the foreseeable future and then some! But at this rate and absent the rest of the AM’s stepping up, we have about 10 years of money left- less if we continue to help with reunion costs.

That being said, Rita and I hope to see you at the 2017 reunion.


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