"Aces of The Eighth" by Jack Fellows

Initial Cadre of Juvat Headhunters

RE: 80th Squadron picture taken in January or February 1971 (most likely it was February).

This was PACAF’s F4C Wild Weasel squadron after the consolidation of Weasel aircrews and aircraft from Yokota and Misawa in late 1969 or early 1970. Most of the crews in the pic and aircraft flew to Kadena in one “mass gaggle” on March 11, 1971 to become the 67th TFS (F4C Wild Weasel squadron) upon landing.

Later the 80th squadron designation was transferred to Korea in 1971 after Lt Gen Jay T. Robbins intervened to keep the squadron alive, as I recall. I began to lose track of the 80th history after that.

I spent 5 years in PACAF and had the “additional duty” of squadron historian while I was assigned/reassigned and reassigned again to various squadrons (80th, 35th, 80th, 67th) from 1968-1972.

After the VN War ended the AF finally got all the squadrons realigned with their historical parent Wings. The VN War really disconnected the fighter squadrons from their historic parent Wings – all kinds of strange organizational structures evolved, dissolved and reappeared.

Just my observations from a long time ago in a land far away.

Joseph “Joe” Snoy

Front cockpit : Lt Col Dave Oakes/CC
Rear cockpit : Lt Col Frank Payne/Ops Officer

First row kneeling left to right:
Joe Brownlee, Hal Bergmann*, Al Palmer*, Armand Klinger* ,Bill Hitztaler*, Jerry Hoff
Jimmy Yoshinaka, Hanspeter Zimmerman*, Curt Hartzell*, Don Genovese, John Frazer*, Joe Snoy* , ‘Tok’ Tokita

Back row left to right:
Barry Watts, Jim Thomas* (peeking around Barry), John Gritsavage, Joe Middleton*
Dick Myers (left of ladder – future Chairman of JCS Gen. Richard B. “Dickey Duck” Myers), Duane Houk* Jim Monsees (2 Migs NVN), Billy Goff (in back), Tom Floyd,
Dave Cooper, T.R. Marino*, Ross Paxton, Jim Violette*, Ray Penley, (unk crew chief in far back), Bill McCloud, Ken Latour, John Bremer, Marty Bourque*, Charlie McCoy*,
Norm Turner, Bob Belles

*indicates Electronic Warfare Officer (EWO). All other are Aircraft Commanders.


  1. The Juvats originated at Misawa AB in 1968 when the 391st was activated under L/C Ben Carnell, 391/CC. Audentas Fortuna Juvat “Adventure Favors the Bold” was adopted “illegally” without benefit of approval from AF Office of Heraldry. The squadron then became known as the “Juvats” while the other two squadrons already at Misawa were the 67th “Fighting Cocks” and the 357th “Puking Pups”.
    In 1971 the 391st was relocated to Kunsan and redesignated the 80th since we were already pulling Victor alert there. We got away Continuing to use the Tiger head and Audentas Fortuna Juvat as the squadron patch until the first ORI, when we were told to use the approved 80th patch “Headhunter”. We then moved the Juvat flash to the left arm and maintained our status as the JUVAT squadron. And that’s how the 80th Headhunters became the Juvats.

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