"Aces of The Eighth" by Jack Fellows

CAPTs Curtis Robinson & Theodore Harduvel

Capt. S. Curtis “Bullet” Robinson of the 80th TFS was killed in an F-16 crash on July 6, 1982. According to F-16.net, the aircraft was 80-0490 of 80 TFS, F-16A Block 10C, that went down near Chongju. Paul Huff, MSgt, USAF, wrote in 2003, “Capt Curtis “Bullet” Robinson was flying F-16A S/N 80-0490 where he crashed into a mountain side in inclement weather. I was on the recovery team. I still have moments over this ordeal. As you particularly know we all had a unique bond with each other while assigned to the 8th. I was in the 8th EMS Fuel Sys Shop.”

Capt. Curtis Robinson

Capt. Theodore Harduvel, Jr. was killed on Nov 16 in the crash of his F-16C near Taejon during a low-level training mission. At Kunsan he served as Chief of Weapons and Tactics. A memorial service was held at Kunsan on Nov 23. He was a member of the 80th TFS. According to F-16.net, 81-0692 of 80 TFS, F-16A Block 15D, went down near Taejon, South Korea on 14 Nov 1982. The pilot, Capt. Theodore Harduvell, was killed. The insuing litigation against General Dynamics over the mishap, by Harduvell’s widow, inspired the film “Afterburn.”

According to F-16.net, on 15 Dec 1982 aircraft 81-0724 of the 8 TFW, F-16A Block 15E, was involved in a mishap (without further details). The aircraft was written-off.


  1. I met Bullet at Seymour Johnson while we were still flying F-4s; probably 1976-ish. Just a superb guy, who enjoyed life, and all that encompasses it. We became fast friends, and I miss him to this day. Sadly, he reached bingo-fuel well before his time. We’ll all rejoin one day, my friend!

  2. “American Fighter Pilot” says it best:

    “From Rickenbacker to Bullet
    We’ll meet them all again
    When all the wars are over
    Where there’s no one left to defend
    ‘Cause the fighter pilots will be there
    Until the bitter end
    To defend the skies as only we can do.”

  3. Bullet was a great squadron mate. Always the life of the party if not the party, shared all the great boodle packages from home, whether he knew it or not. Great fighter pilot and friend, forever the subject of a toast to those that touched our life and we will remember forever.
    Ted, well Ted was my flush mate at the Kun and my instructor at RTU. Great weapons officer, fighter pilot and friend. Always the guy with the answer or knew where to find it. Another toast to another unforgettable friend and comrade. Forever.
    To all those who have flown west a toast from all of us who are waiting for our final flight.
    Randy “Roebuck” Siers

  4. Bullet was my roommate and good friend at “the Kune”. He will always be remembered for all the good times we had and for the great pilot that he was! I miss you old buddy!

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