"Aces of The Eighth" by Jack Fellows

LTGEN Carlos “Tote” Talbott

Cliff Birchmann sent me this from the Air Force Times 22 Oct 2012 edition:
“Tex, perhaps you saw this article in the AFT. But, perhaps you did not know that Lt Gen Talbott was the DO for the 8th Tac Fighter Wing at Itazuke during 1960-1961. He flew with the 80th while there. It might be worth an article in the newsletter. “Tote” died in 1998, I believe.”

Capt Carlos Maurice Talbott
During WWII, Capt Talbott of the USAAF fought in aerial combat against German forces on Sept 11, 1944.
Serving as a pilot of a P-47 in the 397th Fighter Squadron, Talbott’s squadron was attacked by a large fighter formation while furnishing direst support for ground units advancing in Belgium toward the German border. A second enemy fighter formation that was attempting to reinforce the main fighter attack also moved in and Talbott, with support moved to counter that attack.
After his wingman was forced to abandon his position under heavy fire, he single-handedly continued to engage the enemy, nullifying their attack upon his squadron and destroying two of them before his own plane caught fire and had to be abandoned. Talbott parachuted successfully from the aircraft. For his outstanding heroism, perseverance and skill, Talbott was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross

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