"Aces of The Eighth" by Jack Fellows

800th Lifetime Member

is Chet “Wink” Martindale.

I thought it would be fun to track the career of the 800th Lifetime Member of the 80th Association and bugged him for a recap. Here it is:

Quick & Dirty Biography of Chet Martindale, Lt Col (ret.), USAF
*ROTC at Auburn University, graduating in 1970
*George RTU
*Two Vietnam Tours and 300 combat missions, Korat and Ubon, 1971 -1973 as an F4 WSO and Fast Fac
*Selected for pilot training in 1975 at Reese AFB, TX
*F4s at Eglin AFB in 1976, Air to Air and Pave Spike IP, Wing SEFE
*F4 RTU IP at Macdill AFB in 1979
*Selected F16 initial cadre for Macdill, sent to 16 TFS at Hill AFB for checkout in December 1979
*61 TFS at Macdill, IP and FCF in Black Nose Block 5 F16s in May 1980
*Assigned to Nellis 57FW in 1981 in F16 Test Project Office, flew with 422 TES
*Wrote the syllabus and trained initial two students at Edwards for LANTIRN F16 program
*Sent to Kunsan in 1984, first six months as Asst Ops of the 35th Pantons
*Selected as Ops Officer of the Juvats in 1985 under L/C Barry Johnson
*Returned to Luke in the 4444 Ops squadron, later Commander
*Flew with the 312th and 314th as IP, also as Operational Test Pilot for deployed 422 TES
*Retired in 1990 at Luke
*Flew for Delta Air Lines until 2005, retired as MD88 Captain and Line Check Pilot
*Totally retired now playing with Corvettes, Chris Craft Boats, and riding my Harleys

Notable Events
*Flew every year I was in the Air Force!
*Flew with some of the greatest fighter pilots ever!
*At the Kun
*Watched Conan the Barbarian and Caddy Shack at least twice a week in the LT barracks
*Was there when “what is good?” and “two snakes” SOF salute started
*Fought the OSI over the infamous Juvat “pallet burning and pig roast” incident and won!
*Took the squadron to New Zealand and Australia, introduced them to the Juvat salute
*Had the best bunch of Lts and Captains ever, quite a few went on to FWS and/or made General!

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