"Aces of The Eighth" by Jack Fellows

Colonel Richard High

We received the following email from Gordon High, the son of Richard “Baby Huey” High who flew west way back in 1988.  Colonel High had just returned to CONUS from Kunsan where he was the 8TFW/DO.  Gordon is asking for help in identifying the individuals in the photo below.

Driver Mac & Tex,
I was hoping you could help the son of an old Headhunter out.  I am trying to identify the individuals in this photo.  I believe it was taken at Yokota AFB Japan, or when the 80th TFS went TDY to Takhli or Korat.  I know it was taken in 1967.  Along with the main photo I have a photo that preceded it on the roll showing what I believe to be the front of the building for the 347th TAC Fighter Wing.  The other photo is of my father Rick High I thing at Yokota? My father Richard “Baby Huey” High was with the 80th from October 1966 – December 1967 and again June 1987 Yokota AFB Japan – June 1988 as DO of the 8th FW Kunsan.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Gordon High
Have a Blessed Journey



  1. Gordon
    Knew your Dad “we affectionately called him Hamburger” and Jodi well. Flew Thuds and F-4s together at Nellis, Yokota, Korat, Osan, Kunsan

    I was the DO for the F-15s At Luke when you Rick was the Sqd Cmdr for the F-4 Sqd

    The pic of the Facility was definitley the Alert Pad at Osan where Rick and I spent a lot of time. The guys in the pic were of the F-4 era (see the Patch on the shoulder)
    The guy turned facing on the left is Bob Staubinger who currently lives near me in Mesa, AZ.

    The picture on the wall behind the group was a blow up of a charcoal drawing by LT Janssen, 80TFS Commander for the F-105s.
    I remember meeting you at a party at your house when your dad had the corvette.

    I hope you Mom is doing well, Please say hello and send her email if you can.

    I have a couple photos I can send you if you send your email.

    Havent figured out how to attach to this reply

    Nick Donelson
    623 262 0172
    1030 E Acacia Circle
    Litchfield Park, AZ 85340

  2. I agree with Joe on Klaus, Gary and Billy. The other two are familiar but do not know their names. Those are F-4 guys. I believe your dad used to come fly with us at Yokota from his staff job. That may be why he is hanging out with 80th TFS F-4 guys after his Thud days in the 80th.

  3. Top pic: the names from right to left (CCW) are Klaus Klause, Gary High, Billy Gough, unknown, unknown. The date is probably after Jan 1969 and the location is Osan AB, Korea. Second pic: the building is the Alert facility at Osan called “the Green House” the sign should read Det 1, 347 TFW. The 3rd pic – I do not know.

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