"Aces of The Eighth" by Jack Fellows

Emmett “Cyclone” Davis RIP

It is with great sadness that we inform all Headhunters of the passing of Colonel “Cyclone” Davis on November 3, 2015.  Then Captain Davis joined the 8th Fighter Group, 35th Fighter Squadron, at Milne Bay, PNG, in August 1942.  Initially flying the P-39, he later commanded the 35th Squadron when they flew the P-40, and was credited with destroying two Zero’s and a Tony during this period.  As documented in the book “Attack and Conquer, the 8th Fighter Group in WWII,” Davis was “the quintessential fighter pilot.”  When questioned by a squadron pilot about his doctrine to make an attack, destroy the enemy plane, then quickly get away, Davis “in frustration decided to give him a flying lesson.  Those who witnessed were agreed and the official history bears witness that Cyclone Davis was about the best fighter pilot in the world…”  Colonel Davis went on to command the entire 8th Fighter Group, known as “Cyclone’s Flying Circus,” first from January 1944 – June 1944, and again from June 1945 – December 1945.  As Group Commander, Cyclone flew with the 35th, 36th, and the 80th.  He ended the war by leading the first flight of P-38’s to escort the Japanese peace delegation’s two Betty bombers from Kyushu to Le Shima on August 19, 1945.  Cyclone, accompanied by his son Tucker, was our guest speaker at the 2014 Colorado Springs Reunion where he regaled us all with war stories and fighter pilot songs.  Rest in Peace Cyclone.  You are a Legend in the history of the 8th Fighter Group.

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