"Aces of The Eighth" by Jack Fellows

April 2020 Headhunter Reunion Canceled


  1. Muskrat – Sorry to hear the news on the proposed reunion. I keep looking for reunion announcements each year as I would always like to attend. Now that I am finally and completely retired, I can definately make plans. However, the one time that I can not attend is from mid April to mid May. I am committed to visiting some very old friends that need help in the spring with their ranch. I and another elder long time great friend (Vietnam F-4 pilot and POW) met at this ranch to get together (much like the Juvat reunion). While we get to gether to share our friendship, do a little Spring Turkey hunting and assist with getting the ranch in shape from the winter. We have been doing this for over 35 years. So, just information foy you. If I might suggest, is there a way to pole the membership through the website or some platform for membership to input dates for a reunion whereby participation may be optimized. Or perhaps, do a meeting as suggested for those who wish to get together annually and then have a potential reunion evey 5 years or for a significant milestone in 80th FS history. Thanks for your efforts and all you do for the Headhunters.

    Cheers Midol

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