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80th Anniversary Reunion Update

We are definitely ON for January 6-9 at Luke AFB and the Wigwam Resort in Litchfield Park, AZ.  You can check out the resort here: www.wigwamarizona.com

Your Reunion Committee (myself and “Scar” Pukalo) had a meeting last Sunday to work out the details and prices for the reunion.  All is well and going as planned.  Waiting for confirmation from Luke AFB Catering and the Wigwam concerning pricing for Friday and Saturday Buffets.  I promised to have an online registration for all events up and running NLT 1 November.   We are looking for a local Headhunter golfer to help with a golf tournament on Saturday.  Golf will be a “pay as you play” event.
So far we have 40 Headhunters/Juvats confirming their desire to attend.  Those all responded to the Headhunters Association email I sent out several weeks ago.  In addition, I’m in contact with the Luke AFB Juvats (20-30 guys) and expect a good turnout from them.  I had no idea that there was a JBC chat room with 158 members that has been up since 2015 or so.  Scar will send out the word through that venue also.  In addition, I made up a flyer that is in all of the Luke Squadrons announcing the reunion.  Those are the only ways I have to “get the word out,” as our FaceBook Page is open to the public and they aren’t invited!  So, get in touch with all of your Headhunter/Juvat friends and give them the news.
We now have a Wigwam reservation phone number and booking code.  To make reservations by phone: Please call (623) 258-4676 & choose option 1 to be connected to the Reservations team.  The block code is HEA06CI.  Or, email at  wigwamreservations@wigwamarizona.com.
Bob “Muskrat” McNeese



  1. Sounds good, Driver. I plan to be there, but I may be a Class B Bachelor this time if my mother in law doesn’t like the idea of Arizona in January (better than Utah in January!). If she doesn’t want to come, Karrie will be staying home with her, and I’ll have no adult supervision whatsoever!


    • As a suggestion if the activities are not already booked up, I’m planning on one evening to have dinner at my favorite restaurant in Phoenix/Mesa, Los Dos Molinos. They have terrific New Mexico style Mexican food, but beware. As their official motto says, “Some Like It Hot”, and their food is VERY hot, which to my mind in a feature, not a bug.


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