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New website inbound! We need your feedback.


I hope everyone finds themselves well, in good spirits and with good company this holiday season. I write to you to let everyone know that there are some major changes coming to the website soon. Over the last 6-9 months I have been working with an outside contractor, Hillary Armenta, and our own Lude Kibble to attempt to bring the website up to modern standards.

The IT team (Hilary and Lude) requests you visit the new beta site and provide some feedback.

Please go to https://headhunters-80thfs.squarespace.com (the temporary address while in test phase) and let us know what you think by January 31st. Note that certain areas such as the “Login” button are not set up yet.

You can give feedback by:


Why a new website?

  • Our old site needed to be modernized
  • The new site focuses on being easy-to-use on mobile devices (Phones, iPads etc.)

What’s the plan?

Who’s the Headhunter Team now?

  • HH01: Bryan “Cage” Zumbro – hh01@80fsheadhunters.org
  • HH02: Jason “Scar” Pukalo – hh02@80fsheadhunters.org
  • IT Lead: Hilary Armenta – hilary@80fsheadhunters.org
  • IT Backup: Chris “Lude” Kibble – lude@80fsheadhunters.org
  • Store: Tom “Nogas” Reichert – nogas@80fsheadhunters.org

Future plans

  •  Get feedback on the new site
  • Move your memberships over to new site (no work needed from you)
  • Add in a Member’s Directory (example: https://www.communitybox.co/examples)
  • Add the Store back

Financial Notes:

Up until I’ve been personally funding this endeavor to the tune of several thousand dollars and was/am happy to do so. What I will ask however that if you have the means to do so we would appreciate anything you are willing to part with so we can continue to make improvements. What you can anticipate is in the coming weeks a “go fund me” style site to be created. The funds will be used in a few ways; the first of which is to have the association take over the remaining funding required to finish the site (getting paid back is a pipe dream but one can hope). The second is to pad our meager account and pay our new IT manager (currently being managed and updated by Lude on an uncompensated volunteer basis). Other desired usage for additional funds is have cash on hand to properly store some of the priceless artifacts in our possession outside of our basements and garages (think WG/CC office in the Wolfpack HQ, air conditioned storage, medical supplies to recover from the beating when I take over my wife’s closet, etc), furthermore it would be nice to have funds available for future reunions and community engagement events. I hate to say it but our dues just don’t cover these costs in todays dollars and I’m currently not interested in a dramatic change to the current structure. So we are going to depend on your generosity…in conjunction with my check book.

If you’ve made it this far I commend you. Thanks for reading and please check out the new site.




  1. Good morning Cage,

    Happy New Year! I very much like what you’ve done the far and have great enthusiasm for the final product. Willing to help defray the cost as well so I look forward to the standup of the go-fund-me page. I know the site has been languishing due to retirement of the old cohort; I think I speak for all Juvats when I say I applaud your efforts to revive the site and the activities.

    Question: Is there an expectation that you’ll be able to encourage the leadership (and I know it is very much personality dependent) to engage with the site, e.g., via a newsletter column? While the old pics (WW II, Korea, Vietnam) are nice, I always found the current “goings-on” to be the most interesting and the ever-changing cast of characters fun to follow.

    Lastly, it’s been quite some time since I’ve been able to access (or be asked to update) the info on the roster. Are there plans envisioned for that?

    Thanks to you and all the HH staff for taking this on!

    Greg Dodson (Smat, 80 FS, ’94-’95)

    • Smat

      Thanks for the feedback. Engaging the current Juvat leadership and the Wolfpack as a whole is one of our teams goals. We are fairly recent 80FS graduates and think it is vital to the future of the HH Association to keep the tradition alive and thus engagement and participation in the association a part of Juvat life and lore.

      To answer your second question, improving user interface and the ability to search/update user info is also high on our priority list.

      Thanks again for reaching out!

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