"Aces of The Eighth" by Jack Fellows

Flights Over San Francisco from Accessible Aviation

Fellow Headhunter Carl “Ivan” Nuzzo has generously offered to help our Headhunter Association. Ivan will share a portion of the proceeds from every tour booked at his site – http://accessibleaviation.com/flysftours/ All you have to do is enter the promo code “What Is Good” when you order your tour. You’ll get a great flyby of San Francisco AND help out the Headhunters Association!    

Juvats Poster at SquadronPosters.com

Here’s a new product made by SquadronPosters.com with the Juvats in mind: “Squadron Poster’s art represents not just aircraft, it represents adventure and travel. This is what makes Squadron Posters different: it’s about remembering where you’ve lived and what you’ve seen with a vintage themed military travel poster. We have created this Kunsan AB, Korea 80th Fighter Squadron F-16 artwork to honor all…

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What is Good?

Update from “Blue” Ward (79′-80′)

“My Brothers Tex, Lude, Nogas: The site looks rich with great promise.  Stories, tales and history too bountiful not to be told in the finest format for the ages. Thanks for the (otherwise) thankless efforts chicos, much appreciated by many. Greetings from always-blue skies of SoCal High Desert, 7 KM from former George AFB aka Southern California Logistics Airport which…

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