"Aces of The Eighth" by Jack Fellows

Leonard Ezra “Ma” Cason, Jr. RIP

WWII 80th Fighter Squadron member Leonard Ezra “Ma” Cason, Jr. RIP Once again we received sad news.  This email came to us from Lois Cason Eldridge, daughter of WWII Headhunter Armament Specialist MSgt Ezra “Ma” Cason.  Ezra was a long time and active Headhunters Association member.  He attended several reunions, the last being in 2010 in Colorado Springs.  You can…

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Emmett “Cyclone” Davis RIP

It is with great sadness that we inform all Headhunters of the passing of Colonel “Cyclone” Davis on November 3, 2015.  Then Captain Davis joined the 8th Fighter Group, 35th Fighter Squadron, at Milne Bay, PNG, in August 1942.  Initially flying the P-39, he later commanded the 35th Squadron when they flew the P-40, and was credited with destroying two…

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Colonel Richard High

We received the following email from Gordon High, the son of Richard “Baby Huey” High who flew west way back in 1988.  Colonel High had just returned to CONUS from Kunsan where he was the 8TFW/DO.  Gordon is asking for help in identifying the individuals in the photo below.

WWII Headhunter Ken Loyd’s son writes book honoring his father

  Dear “Driver Mac, I am Ken Lloyd, Jr.   I have published a novel based upon my dad’s life and his time with the 80th in New Guinea in WWII.  He passed away in 2006 and this book is a tribute in memory of him. The book’s website is www.american-headhunter.com.   It is also available as an ebook on Kindle Amazon and will…

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Headhunter Headlines January 2018

Tags:  Happy New Year!   First Headhunter Commander,  Korean War Winter Photos,  Juvat/CC Email,  Headhunters Down: Pete Sheehan, Deacon Fotheringham, Robert Reichart, Robert Damon Rescue. Who’s Muskrat?   Jan 2018 Newsletter Final

Merry Christmas to all!

Howard “Pete” Sheehan RIP

WWII P-38 pilot Howard “Pete” Sheehan passed away after suffering a stroke on November 3, 2017. A life-long resident of San Francisco, he died peacefully with family at his side. Pete was 96 years old.

Master Roster and Email Address Update

New Master Roster and Email Addresses are posted on the site. The plan was do update them once a quarter. For you lurkers out there it seems that the Orderly Room failed to update in July. They’ve all been sacked. Instructions: Hover over “Website Roster” then click on the dropdown “MASTER ROSTER” OR CLICK HERE: https://80fsheadhunters.org/master-roster/ Gentle Reminder: If you…

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Correction to August 2017 Newsletter

Darin, et al: Newsletter has been updated with the correction. Sorry for the confusion. Tex and Driver Mac On 9/17/2017 5:32 AM, Darin Pridham wrote: Tex, Thanks for forwarding the article to me. Driver and Gerry did a great job, thanks to them as well! My family and I read it with great interest. Of course it makes me wonder…

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800th Lifetime Member

is Chet “Wink” Martindale. I thought it would be fun to track the career of the 800th Lifetime Member of the 80th Association and bugged him for a recap. Here it is: Quick & Dirty Biography of Chet Martindale, Lt Col (ret.), USAF *ROTC at Auburn University, graduating in 1970 *George RTU *Two Vietnam Tours and 300 combat missions, Korat…

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Senior Airman Lewis Weineke

Joe, forgive the admin delay in publishing this. I’ve put it in the Korean History Photo Section as well as the “News” section and the November 2017 newsletter for better visibility. On 3/11/2017 3:39 PM, Joe Saiia wrote: I ran across your website doing research on my wife’s uncle’s military service. He was Lewis A Wieneke, an “Aircraft Instrument Mechanic”…

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Headhunter Headlines August 2017 Correction

Tags: Loss of Lt William Pridham and correction of Darin Pridham’s email address, MSGT Keith Gestring memoir, loss of Capt. S. Curtis “Bullet” Robinson and Capt. Theodore Harduvel, Jr, Col. Walt Soboslay RIP, G Suits and Aneurysms, CHANGE TO NEWSLETTER PROCEDURES, CHANGE OF COMMAND. Aug 2017 Newsletter Final