"Aces of The Eighth" by Jack Fellows

“AV8R Stuff” Store

Whitey, who runs “AV8R Stuff” graciously offered to post a link to our Store on his site. Thanks, Whitey! One good turn deserves another, so here’s a link to his store: AV8RSTUFF.COM There’s all kinds of cool flyer swag available, even a link to the River Rat Country Store. Definitely worth a look. To access it from our website: Hover…

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Flights Over San Francisco from Accessible Aviation

Fellow Headhunter Carl “Ivan” Nuzzo has generously offered to help our Headhunter Association. Ivan will share a portion of the proceeds from every tour booked at his site – http://accessibleaviation.com/flysftours/ All you have to do is enter the promo code “What Is Good” when you order your tour. You’ll get a great flyby of San Francisco AND help out the Headhunters Association!    

Dick Jonas Fighter Pilot Troubadour

Over the years, Dick and Mary Jonas have been faithful supporters of the Association and have performed basically for free at reunions. If you’d like to support him, you can find some of his CDs at the Association store: https://80fsheadhunters.org/category/3rd-party-items/compact-discs/ You can also go here to find a larger assortment: http://www.erosonic.com/ Dick Jonas is hands down the most well-known singer…

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Juvats Poster at SquadronPosters.com

Here’s a new product made by SquadronPosters.com with the Juvats in mind: “Squadron Poster’s art represents not just aircraft, it represents adventure and travel. This is what makes Squadron Posters different: it’s about remembering where you’ve lived and what you’ve seen with a vintage themed military travel poster. We have created this Kunsan AB, Korea 80th Fighter Squadron F-16 artwork to honor all…

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“The Whole Truth” by Bob Harvey

Fellow Headhunters, Last year we posted a link to the transcripts of the Lt Col “Roscoe” Wilkerson court martial, inviting you to read the evidence in its entirety and judge for yourself the merits of the case. Fellow fighter pilot Col Bob Harvey (retired) did just that and has published his first book which dissects the entire case. The result is…

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World War Two Memoirs of A Fighter Pilot

By Clarence E. Wolgemuth Clarence “Wogy” Wolgemuth has published an outstanding account of his memoirs as a P-38 fighter pilot in our 80th Fighter Squadron during WWII. He would like to donate all proceeds of the sale of his book to our Headhunters Association. A copy of this 8.5″ x 11″ 68-page great book, with photos, can be ordered directly from him…

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Ruff Stuff

By Tina Susedik & Norb Ruff Contact Norb’s son, Mark Ruff for ordering details.


Compiled by Dr. Larry Simpson When Kirby was still sending out e-mails, his “Kirby Grams” often contained different stories and personal recollections. One of his mailing lists was to friends he met on-line in AvSig; an aviation web site. Two of those close friends are Penny Wilson and Dr Larry Simpson, both of whom literally saved and changed Kirby’s life—at least twice. They…

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Vipers in the Storm

By Keith Rosenkranz Additional details and ordering information are available on the author’s website: http://www.Vipersinthestorm.com. He also has a Facebook Fan Page – Vipers In The Storm – Keith Rosenkranz.

Memories of a Fighter Pilot

By Jay E. Riedel Memories of a Fighter Pilot by Jay Riedel is a collection of as many of his personal recollections as he can remember that would be of a significant interest to most readers. They are as accurate as he remembers them. Many will make you laugh, some will water your eyes, and some will have you gripping…

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(I Am) A Real American

By Bob Kan (I Am) A Real American by Bob Kan. Bob is a 3rd Generation Japanese-American (JA) born and raised in Hawaii. As a 7-year-old, Bob told his Mom he wanted to be a pilot. As a nine-year old, he witnessed Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor. Bob was selling newspapers on the streets of Honolulu to soldiers and sailors, many in…

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The Red-Blooded All-American Boy

By Dick Jonas It has been said that Vietnam was the wrong war, and the wrong war doesn’t bring out songs. That’s bullshit. There were the protest songs and the protest singers of the late sixties and early seventies. Almost every anti-war rally formed around a nucleus of string-players, song-singers, and public address systems. The songs were there because a lot of…

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