"Aces of The Eighth" by Jack Fellows

LTGEN Carlos “Tote” Talbott

Cliff Birchmann sent me this from the Air Force Times 22 Oct 2012 edition: “Tex, perhaps you saw this article in the AFT. But, perhaps you did not know that Lt Gen Talbott was the DO for the 8th Tac Fighter Wing at Itazuke during 1960-1961. He flew with the 80th while there. It might be worth an article in…

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Between the Wars (BTW)

We use the designation of “BTW” to refer to two different time periods in our Squadron’s History–between WWII and Korea (1945 to 1950) and between Korea and Vietnam (1953 to 1963). A third period, after Vietnam ended in 1975 to the present, is not referred to as BTW.  We are known here as the “Juvats.” WWII to Korea (from 1945…

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