"Aces of The Eighth" by Jack Fellows

800th Lifetime Member

is Chet “Wink” Martindale. I thought it would be fun to track the career of the 800th Lifetime Member of the 80th Association and bugged him for a recap. Here it is: Quick & Dirty Biography of Chet Martindale, Lt Col (ret.), USAF *ROTC at Auburn University, graduating in 1970 *George RTU *Two Vietnam Tours and 300 combat missions, Korat…

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CAPTs Curtis Robinson & Theodore Harduvel

Capt. S. Curtis “Bullet” Robinson of the 80th TFS was killed in an F-16 crash on July 6, 1982. According to F-16.net, the aircraft was 80-0490 of 80 TFS, F-16A Block 10C, that went down near Chongju. Paul Huff, MSgt, USAF, wrote in 2003, “Capt Curtis “Bullet” Robinson was flying F-16A S/N 80-0490 where he crashed into a mountain side…

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Initial Cadre of Juvat Headhunters

RE: 80th Squadron picture taken in January or February 1971 (most likely it was February). This was PACAF’s F4C Wild Weasel squadron after the consolidation of Weasel aircrews and aircraft from Yokota and Misawa in late 1969 or early 1970. Most of the crews in the pic and aircraft flew to Kadena in one “mass gaggle” on March 11, 1971…

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JL #110’s Change Of Command Ceremony

I received some pictures from the CoC  from Capt Thomas Hainline. Unfortunately I simply didn’t have enough room in the August Headhunter Headlines to put them all in. Meet JL 110 (.pdf file):  80 FS CoC Program 2016   JL #109 Lt Col  John Gallemore Relinquishes Command: Jl #110 Lt Col  Matthew Crowell Assumes Command: JL #110 Receives First Salute:…

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Update from “Blue” Ward (79′-80′)

“My Brothers Tex, Lude, Nogas: The site looks rich with great promise.  Stories, tales and history too bountiful not to be told in the finest format for the ages. Thanks for the (otherwise) thankless efforts chicos, much appreciated by many. Greetings from always-blue skies of SoCal High Desert, 7 KM from former George AFB aka Southern California Logistics Airport which…

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Misc. Juvats Photos

Squadron in 1992

Jaybird in 1979 & 1980

These two were given to JayBird at the Mesa Reunion in April 2004 by Joan Fudala.  I never knew these photos existed!  Joan, who is the wife of Gene Fudala, worked in 8th TFW HQ in 1979-1980 when Gene and I were in the 80th together.  My many thanks go out to Joan for these two personal photos!

Sweep – July 1979

These two photos, sent in by Richard “Rookie” Rook, were taken during a “Sweep” in late July 1979.  

Juvats & Pantons donate to Orphanage – Christmas 2002

The 2 messages and 7 photos below were received from our active Squadron on 5 January 2003.  The explanation below, along with the smiles on the children’s faces, are self-explanatory!  Enjoy! Jaybird, For you to share with the association on the Web site. On Christmas Day 2002, the Juvats combined with the Pantons to donate Shoes, Food, Gifts, and $1700…

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Squadron Maintenance and Pilots in 2002

Our thanks to Lt Col Schnitzer for sending in these three photos.

Kunsan – May 2003

This photo, of two of our 80th birds on the ramp at Kunsan, was sent in by Jeff Anderson on 18 June 2003.  Note the one on the right is our Squadron Flag Ship.