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K-13 (Suwon) December 1953

Senior Airman Lewis Weineke

Joe, forgive the admin delay in publishing this. I’ve put it in the Korean History Photo Section as well as the “News” section and the November 2017 newsletter for better visibility. On 3/11/2017 3:39 PM, Joe Saiia wrote: I ran across your website doing research on my wife’s uncle’s military service. He was Lewis A Wieneke, an “Aircraft Instrument Mechanic”…

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MSGT Keith “Butch” Gestring: Korean War Memoir

Way back in the 2013-2014 time frame, MSGT Butch Gestring contacted me and passed along some of his memories from his service in Korea. Unfortunately, they got filed in my computer and have just now surfaced. Butch, please accept my apologies for taking so long. No excuse, Sir. Butch’s memoir: MSGT Keith Gestring Memoir Butch’s letter about 8oth losses: Very…

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A/1C Joseph D. Clark

Dear Tex, Nogas, & Lude, My father, Joseph D. Clark, served with the Headhunters in Korea as an F80 ordnance loader – I believe he was with the 36th squadron (three red stripes on the tail). He worked on F80s early in the conflict, graduating to the big stuff (loading nukes onto B47s) when he returned stateside. Going through old…

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Jerry Minton’s 80FBS Presentation

A few years ago, LTM Jerry Minton gave a PowerPoint presentation to the US Air Force Academy that highlighted the role played by the 80 FBS in Korea. Associate LTM (and 80 FS Association Korean War Historian) Gerry Asher was kind enough to transcribe the entire presentation to a CD. Too bad there is no audio, but none  was  recorded…

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Headhunter Korean War Losses

It’s also fitting on this Memorial Day 2015 to post a list of casualty, kills and aircraft losses that we suffered in Korea. I’d like to personally thank our Korean War Historian, LTM Gerry Asher for these lists and for his continuing support of the 80th and our Association.  Even though he never served in the Headhunters, we should feel…

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Headhunter Korean War KIA

On this Memorial Day 2015 it is fitting to honor and remember our comrades lost in yet another war the politicians would not let us win.  Even so, they did not give their lives in vain. AMERICAN FIGHTER PILOT excerpt. (Author unknown; a Juvat Headhunter ca mid-1980’s is all we know) Many of our friends, Some of the best, For…

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Lt Robertson’s 80th Yearbook

Lt Robertson 80th Yearbook This  bit of Headhunter history comes from new LTM JR Robertson, son of LTMs John (D) and Lorraine Robertson and is a copy of his dad’s yearbook from the Japan-Korea 1950-1951 era. Permanent link is in History>Korea>Korea Memoirs Priceless. Enjoy.

Neil O’Keefe’s Photos

Post-World War II and Korean War History

North Korea invaded South Korea on 25 June 1950, and the “Headhunters” once again entered combat. The day after the invasion, the 80th and the rest of the 8th Fighter-Bomber Wing provided air defense for the frantic evacuation of American forces from Seoul as it was being overrun. Other than these initial air defense missions, the 80th spent the rest…

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Korea Photos – 1953