"Aces of The Eighth" by Jack Fellows

The First Fighters in New Guinea 1942-1944

Thanks to Headhunters Association Member Buster McGee for sending this rare National Archives color video of the 8th Fighter Group in PNG.  Two parts recorded and narrated by Engineering Officer Lt Col Ken Gerrish.  An article from the National Archives is also attached as background to the film. Home Movies from the War Front: The First Fighters in New Guinea Posted…

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The Loss of Lt William “Bill” Pridham

The Loss of Lt William “Bill” Pridham By Bob “Driver Mac’ McNeese 80FS Association Historian and Gerry Asher Korean War Historian At 1415 on 8 November 1944, 1st Lieutenant William Pridham and his wingman, 2nd Lieutenant Lloyd Johnson, departed the island of Biak in two P-38’s headed to Morotai, a distance of approximately 450 miles. It was the last time…

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TSGT Ben Byland 80th P-38 Armorer

Ben L. Byland – Aircraft Armorer during WWII for the 80th fighter squadron – The Headhunters Where do we start in describing someone’s life and service for their country? Well, I guess at the beginning. Ben L. Byland was born in 1920 and grew up with his dad & mom – Rollie and Maybelle Byland in Huntington Beach and then…

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Sincerely – F/O Willis F. Evers

Published on Sep 13, 2013 “Sincerely” is based on a book written by Terri J. Kallio in 2007 on the life of her Uncle – Willis F. Evers who was a Flight Officer in the Army Air Force during WWII. He was a member of the 8th Fighter Group, 80th Squadron stationed at Port Moresby, New Guinea in 1943. This…

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Virginia Dyer and Rosie The Riveter

Ezra Cason Remembers the 80th on His 98th Birthday

I received an email from Ezra Cason’s daughter Lois.  He wanted to make known the pride he took from being a Headhunter, on the occasion of his 98th birthday.  Right back at you, Ezra.  We are enriched by your membership in the finest fighter squadron in the world.  Dear Headhunters, My Dad turned 98 on June 12, 2016.  He insisted…

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A Note From Ruth Saffro

As most of us know, Ruth is the widow of Yale Saffro, the man you gave us the Headhunter patch.  Some of his art and  other works are in our display case at the National Museum of WWII Aviation.  We hope to acquire more of his chronicles and journals.    If Lude will ever tell me how to do it, I…

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Norb Ruff Answers Dale Jones’ Questions

Hello Jay and Tex, hope this finds you both well. Attached please find a letter Norb had received from Dale Jones back in June 2001. Dale is the brother of Cleve Jones, who flew with Dad and 80th, the letter from Dale was asking questions about Cleve, Norbs hand written response and some maps illustrations was provided. I ran across…

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Digging around the internet, I found this link from the Eagle Flying Museum right down the road in Mineral Wells, Texas (soon to be moving to Bourland Field, Cresson, Texas) .  Seems the founders took a liking to our own MF Kirby and cataloged some of his  KirbyGrams.  I’ve re-posted them with permission from the EFM founders, Jim Wilson and…

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Bloody Tuesday

World War II: Raids on Rabaul in November 1943 Originally published by World War II magazine. Published Online: June 12, 2006  The abandonment of Guadalcanal by Japanese forces in February 1943 ended a grueling six-month campaign and brought the first American offensive operation of World War II to a victorious conclusion. It was, however, only the beginning of a difficult…

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P-38 Nose Art

For the life of me, I cannot remember who sent these to me. To our anonymous benefactor, “many thanks”! Priceless bits of history.   Jaybird, if you need me to explain the meaning of Kirby’s plane’s name, contact me offlist….  

World War II Photos of George Welch

Capt George S. Welch made history as one of only a handful of 14 American pilots that managed to get airborne during the attack on Pearl Harbor on the morning of 7 December 1941.  Four lost their lives to the overwhelming odds.  As a 2nd Lt at the time, he was credited with 4 of the 10 enemy fighters shot…

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