"Aces of The Eighth" by Jack Fellows

P-38 Nose Art

For the life of me, I cannot remember who sent these to me. To our anonymous benefactor, “many thanks”! Priceless bits of history.   Jaybird, if you need me to explain the meaning of Kirby’s plane’s name, contact me offlist….  

World War II Photos of George Welch

Capt George S. Welch made history as one of only a handful of 14 American pilots that managed to get airborne during the attack on Pearl Harbor on the morning of 7 December 1941.  Four lost their lives to the overwhelming odds.  As a 2nd Lt at the time, he was credited with 4 of the 10 enemy fighters shot…

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More misc. World War II photos

November 1944 Morotai Island

This photo, taken in November 1944 on Morotai Island, was sent in by Howard “Pete” Sheehan (kneeling, second from left, with shirt).  It shows 214 aerial victories—just eleven short of our final WWII tally of 225.  Of the 19 crouching men, Pete ID’s some as (L to R): #1 (no shirt) Mark Damon; #2 Pete; #4 Bill Dwinell; #5 Hugh…

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Misc. World War II Photos

These 7 photos were sent in on 8 May 2002 by Johnny Roth, son of “Rusty” Roth, and captions were added on 8 June 2002 by Ken Lloyd.

October-November 1944 Numfoor Island

These 5 photos were sent in by Ken Lloyd on 25 April 2002.  They were all taken in the October-November 1944 period on Numfoor Island.  “The P-38’s are “L” models that we had just been outfitted with to replace our P-38’s that we took from Moratai and delivered them to the 475th Group on Leyte.  The Nips had destroyed most…

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O.J. Harris

These are two photos of O.J. Harris, sent in by his son, Cliff Harris, on 16 July 2002.  O.J. passed away on 1 May 2001.  Cliff is working on a story to go along with these photos.  It will be posted here when we get it.  Thanks to Cliff for sending these in.  

New Guinea in 1944

The following 5 photos were sent in by Ken Lloyd on 5 August 2002.  All were taken in 1944 by Deac Logslett.

Top Card Photos

These two photos were sent in 6 February 2005 by Edward E. Cragg III, nephew of “Porky” Cragg. Many thanks to Ed for these great photos from his grandmother’s photo album!    

Aces in 1944

This historic photo was sent in to us in April 2007 by Bob Rocker. (L-R) Aces Maj Tommy McGuire (38); Maj Jay T. Robbins (22); and Cy Homer (15) standing before wreckage of Japanese aircraft at Hollandia cMay 1944. Maj Thomas B. “Tommy” McGuire was the top Ace of the 475th FG and the USA’s 2nd leading Ace with 38…

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Emmett “Cyclone” Davis Photos

The photos below were sent in 10 October 2008 by J. Tucker Davis, M.D., who is the son of Emmett “Cyclone” Davis.  Cyclone was the 8th Fighter Group Commander (twice), and is one of our LTM’s from that era.  Many thanks to Tucker for sending in these great photos of his legendary father!

Nadzab in June 1944

This picture, sent in by LTM Bob Rocker on 1 August 2009, is a colorized copy of a photo of Howard Fotheringham by our Squadron sign at Nadzab in June 1944.  The coloring was done by Jack Fellows.  Nice job–thanks to you both!