"Aces of The Eighth" by Jack Fellows

July Final

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January 2020 Newsletter

January 2019 Headhunter Headlines

The State of the Association, The end of WWII and the Bataan Escort, Major Charles Loring, Colonel Wilbur Tapscott, Colonel E. Grant Stephens, Juvats, 2020 Headhunter Reunion, Finance Report. January 2019 Newsletter    

September 2018 Newsletter

Juvat Membership Drive, Headhunters Association History, Hurtin’ Headhunter Tex Ritter, Rabaul, Korean War F-80’s, 1976 Juvats, 2020 Reunion. September 2018 Newsletter

Headhunter Headlines May 2018

New Roster, Lt Bob Damon and “Tatay,” Lt English, Juvat Updates, New Dues, membership, and recruiting drive information. 1 May 2018 Newsletter  

Headhunter Headlines January 2018

Tags:  Happy New Year!   First Headhunter Commander,  Korean War Winter Photos,  Juvat/CC Email,  Headhunters Down: Pete Sheehan, Deacon Fotheringham, Robert Reichart, Robert Damon Rescue. Who’s Muskrat?   Jan 2018 Newsletter Final

Correction to August 2017 Newsletter

Darin, et al: Newsletter has been updated with the correction. Sorry for the confusion. Tex and Driver Mac On 9/17/2017 5:32 AM, Darin Pridham wrote: Tex, Thanks for forwarding the article to me. Driver and Gerry did a great job, thanks to them as well! My family and I read it with great interest. Of course it makes me wonder…

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Headhunter Headlines August 2017 Correction

Tags: Loss of Lt William Pridham and correction of Darin Pridham’s email address, MSGT Keith Gestring memoir, loss of Capt. S. Curtis “Bullet” Robinson and Capt. Theodore Harduvel, Jr, Col. Walt Soboslay RIP, G Suits and Aneurysms, CHANGE TO NEWSLETTER PROCEDURES, CHANGE OF COMMAND. Aug 2017 Newsletter Final

Headhunter Headlines May 2017

Tags: A1/C Joseph Clark in Korea, JL March & April newsletters, 6 Headhunters down, lots of “News From Around The World”, welcome to Bob Buhrow, new “Donations” page, “Klinger” Ritchie’s generous donation. May 2017 Newsletter Final

Headhunter Headlines February 2017

Many apologies. The February newsletter went MIA. Here it is again. Tags: Virginia Dyer, Rosie The Riveter, Warren Thompson F-80 article,John Morrissey Linebacker II article “Sully. A General’s Decision”, reunion signup sheet and information. Feb 2017 Newsletter Final

JL #110 Newsletter March 2017

JL 110 informed me that his replacement is LTC “Lewd” Lutmer from the 55th at Shaw. More details as they become available. The Juvats will be very busy this Spring! 80th Fighter Squadron Newsletter Mar 17

JL #110 February 2017 Newsletter

Enjoy! 80th Fighter Squadron Newsletter Feb 17