"Aces of The Eighth" by Jack Fellows

Headhunter Headlines May 2017

Tags: A1/C Joseph Clark in Korea, JL March & April newsletters, 6 Headhunters down, lots of “News From Around The World”, welcome to Bob Buhrow, new “Donations” page, “Klinger” Ritchie’s generous donation. May 2017 Newsletter Final

Headhunter Headlines February 2017

Many apologies. The February newsletter went MIA. Here it is again. Tags: Virginia Dyer, Rosie The Riveter, Warren Thompson F-80 article,John Morrissey Linebacker II article “Sully. A General’s Decision”, reunion signup sheet and information. Feb 2017 Newsletter Final

JL #110 Newsletter March 2017

JL 110 informed me that his replacement is LTC “Lewd” Lutmer from the 55th at Shaw. More details as they become available. The Juvats will be very busy this Spring! 80th Fighter Squadron Newsletter Mar 17

JL #110 February 2017 Newsletter

Enjoy! 80th Fighter Squadron Newsletter Feb 17

JL#110 December’16-January’17 Newsletter

Weddings, Nameings, Ski Trips. Life is good with the Juvats. A belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all. Fly Safe and Crush ’em! From Your Fellow Headhunters 80th-fighter-squadron-newsletter-dec-16-jan-17

Headhunter Headlines November 2016

Tags: Ezra Cason 98th, Dick Jonas Arizona Veterans Hall of Fame Society,  History of the River Rats, Hanoi Hannah dead, Jerry Mason flew West, HH HQ address change, Reunion Schedule of Events, Reunion Sign Up Sheet (deadline: March 23, 2017) nov-2016-newsletter-final-rev-1 If you’d still prefer a mailed paper version, please contact me: HH01@80fsheadhunters.org

JL #110 November 2016 Newsletter

During the HH HQ move back to Texas, JL 110’s October newsletter went MIA. Sorry ’bout that. Here’s his November newsletter, submitted for your perusal. 80th-fighter-squadron-newsletter-nov-16-1

JL #110 September 2016 Newsletter

80th Fighter Squadron Newsletter Sep 16

JL #110 August 2016 Newsletter

  80th Fighter Squadron Newsletter Aug 16

Headhunter Headlines August 2016

Tags:  Korean War Project Newsletter, TSGT Louis Miksits letter, JL 109 and 110 newsletters, Headhunters MIA (help needed), Robert J McCormick, Carl O. Branstad, Sid Adelstein  flew West. Aug 2016 Newsletter

JL #110’s First Newsletter

As we welcome JL #110 Lt Col Matthew “Trap” Crowell (LTM) into the fold, here’s his first squadron newsletter. 80th Fighter Squadron Newsletter Jul 16

JL #109’s Last Newsletter

This is JL #109 Lt Col Nük Gallemore’s final newsletter.  You had a great run, Nük. You and the Juvats did crush ‘em! 80th Fighter Squadron Newsletter Jun