"Aces of The Eighth" by Jack Fellows

JL #110 November 2016 Newsletter

During the HH HQ move back to Texas, JL 110’s October newsletter went MIA. Sorry ’bout that. Here’s his November newsletter, submitted for your perusal. 80th-fighter-squadron-newsletter-nov-16-1

JL #110 September 2016 Newsletter

80th Fighter Squadron Newsletter Sep 16

JL #110 August 2016 Newsletter

  80th Fighter Squadron Newsletter Aug 16

Headhunter Headlines August 2016

Tags:  Korean War Project Newsletter, TSGT Louis Miksits letter, JL 109 and 110 newsletters, Headhunters MIA (help needed), Robert J McCormick, Carl O. Branstad, Sid Adelstein  flew West. Aug 2016 Newsletter

JL #110’s First Newsletter

As we welcome JL #110 Lt Col Matthew “Trap” Crowell (LTM) into the fold, here’s his first squadron newsletter. 80th Fighter Squadron Newsletter Jul 16

JL #109’s Last Newsletter

This is JL #109 Lt Col Nük Gallemore’s final newsletter.  You had a great run, Nük. You and the Juvats did crush ‘em! 80th Fighter Squadron Newsletter Jun  

Juvat Lead Newsletter April and May 2016

Two-fer. 80th Fighter Squadron Newsletter Apr 80th Fighter Squadron Newsletter May  

Headhunter Headlines May 2016

May 2016 Newsletter Final   A Story of Colonel Royal, Captain Sparks,  and an Airplane Called White 33 ; MILITARY OLD AND NEW; Zippo in F-86; “SIR, I WILL NOT OBEY THAT ORDER.”; LTM Jerry Minton’s PowerPoint presentation to the US Air Force Academy; Why so many pilots shot down in Viet Nam; Major Adrian W. Acebedo ;Welcome JL#110; VA…

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Headhunter Headlines Feb 2016

When I was preparing to post the May 2016 Headhunter Headlines, I noticed that the February 2016 newsletter was MIA. I can confidently attribute that to operator error. This is a repost.  Sorry for the confusion. Feb 2016 Newsletter Final

Juvat Lead Newsletter Mar 2016

80th Fighter Squadron Newsletter Mar

Juvat Lead Newsletter Feb 2016

Latest from the Active Duty Squadron . Road Trip!! 80th Fighter Squadron Newsletter Feb

Juvat Lead Newsletter January 2016

The latest from JL #109. 80th Fighter Squadron Newsletter Jan_v1