"Aces of The Eighth" by Jack Fellows

Temporary Tatoos

Temporary Tatoos – Lasts about 3-4 days! Temp Tatoos Price: 4 for $1.00 USD S&H: $0.00 USD [wp_cart:4 Temp Tatoos:price:1.00:shipping:0.00:end]

Unique Squadron Necktie

Unique Squadron Necktie Price: $39.00 USD S&H: $0.00 USD [wp_cart:Mens Necktie:price:39.00:shipping:0.00:end]

F-16 Litho Print

F-16 Litho Print Price: $10.00 USD S&H: $0.00 USD [wp_cart:F16 Litho Print:price:10.00:shipping:0.00:end]

Coin/Key Chain

Coin or Key Chain Price: $7.00 USD S&H: $0.00 USD [wp_cart:Golf Shirt:price:7.00:shipping:0.00:end]

Golf Shirt

Golf Shirt Price: $35.00 USD S&H: $0.00 USD [wp_cart_button name=”Golf Shirt” price=”35.00″ var1=”Size|small|medium|large|xlarge|xxlarge”]

Ladies Bow

Ladies Bow Price: $20.00 USD S&H: $0.00 USD [wp_cart:Ladies Bow:price:20.00:shipping:0.00:end]


   Please include name and/or callsign desired on your mug/stein (up to 20 letters), and right/left handed with your order. Unless otherwise stated, the Squadron logo & your first name in Old English will be on the front (handle left for right-handed drinker), and an F-16 will be on the back. Personalized Coffee Mug Price: $28.00 USD S&H: $0.00 USD…

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Blazer Emblem

Here is the heraldic blazer patch/emblem for our Squadron! It is the result of inputs from over 80 of our members and designed in 1996 by Mr. Richard Crossett, one of North America’s foremost artists of Military Heraldic Art. As you can see, the badge ties all of our Squadron eras together. WWII is represented by two white lightning bolts,…

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White/Green Ball Cap

White/Green Ball Cap Price: $15.00 USD S&H: $0.00 USD [wp_cart:White Hat:price:15.00:shipping:0.00:end]

Black Ball Cap

Black Ball Cap Price: $15.00 USD S&H: $0.00 USD [wp_cart:Black Hat:price:15.00:shipping:0.00:end]


  Headhunters T-shirt Price: $19.00 USD S&H: $0.00 USD [wp_cart_button name=”T-shirt” price=”19.00″ var1=”Size|small|medium|large|xlarge|xxlarge”]

Current Patch

Current Patch Price: $7.00 USD S&H: $0.00 USD [wp_cart:Current Patch:price:7.00:shipping:0.00:end]