"Aces of The Eighth" by Jack Fellows

Nadzab in June 1944

This picture, sent in by LTM Bob Rocker on 1 August 2009, is a colorized copy of a photo of Howard Fotheringham by our Squadron sign at Nadzab in June 1944.  The coloring was done by Jack Fellows.  Nice job–thanks to you both!

8th Fighter Group Symbol

This colorized, digitally reworked image of the 8th Fighter Group symbol from WWII was sent into us on 9 August 2009 by Jack Fellows.

Korea Photos – 1953

Korea – Squadron photo by Gene Zehr

L-R: Standing–Ken Tallant, Ken Murley, Jack Gallagher, Angus Saunders, Don Elston, Gene Zehr Kneeling–Cecil Ward, Dean Price, Jim Palmer, Frank Ray This photo, sent in by Gene Zehr (standing far right facing) was taken in the Squadron lounge in Suwon (K13), Korea, sometime between Oct  1952 and May 1953.

Korea photos – runway at Suwon AB (K-13) in 1953

E-mail received 2 September 2002: “I’ve attached a couple of photos that might be of interest to Korean War era “Headhunters”. One is on my website and was given me by a pilot in my uncle’s squadron (36th FBS) and shows three F-86F Sabres from the 80th FBS getting ready to take off down the runway at Suwon AB (K-13)…

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Korea – 1952 F80 photo

1952 F-80 picture from  Korea sent in 9 May 2003 by Brig Gen Dennis Sullivan. #1 ?  #2 Leaf  #3 Kuhlman and #4 Sullivan

Korea – Capt Jesse Allen of the 80th FBS

This article on Capt Jesse Allen of the 80th FBS, from the December 1952 issue of Air Training Magazine, was sent in on 26 March 2004 by Mr. Gerry Asher.  He said he found it while leafing through a stack of his Dad’s old magazines.  Capt Allen retired from the Air Force as a Major General.  Both Gerry Asher and…

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Korea era photos

The photos of Lt Col Halliwell were sent in by his son John Halliwell on 13 April 2004.  Lt Col Halliwell was 80th Squadron Commander 1 May — Dec 1953. The photo of the names was sent in by Al Shortt on 12 March 2005. Our thanks to John & Al for sending in these great photos.  

Korea photos from Chuck Baisden

These two photos sent in 1 September 2008 by Korean-era LTM Chuck Baisden: John Shaw’s painting “Tiger Shooting” (R) used Chuck Baisden photo (L) Thanks to Chuck for sending in these two pics.  As a side note, before Chuck was in our 80th FBS during the Korean War, he was with Gen Claire Chennault and the Flying Tigers in 1940!

Photos from Gene Gould – Korea 1952-1953

This is an e-mail I received from Gene Gould on 24 September 2008.  His many great photos follow! “Hi Jay, It is always good to talk to the old gang, although there are not a lot of us left. No I always wanted to fly, and when I got back from Korea in July of 1953 I was stationed in…

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Vietnam Photo Gallery

Hanoi Taxi video

The Hanoi Taxi The Hanoi Taxi (tail #66-0177) was retired from active service in May 2006.  She was the last of the 285 C-141s built by Lockheed to leave active service.  She flew 100 POWs out of Hanoi on 12 February 1973, some of them tasting freedom for the first time in six years.  Each POW put their shot-down date…

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