"Aces of The Eighth" by Jack Fellows

Clark AB, Jan 1989

MSgt Dave Carlton sent this information to us on 18 January 2010: “I took this picture of our F-16s on the tarmac of Clark AB in the PI in Jan 1989.  We participated in the COPE-T exercise.  It was just before dawn, about 4:30 AM.  We had been up all night working a maintenance problem and had just finished.  I…

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Bullet’s Memorial Program

Many thanks to Dawn Bradshaw for sending in these two photos. Bullet was killed in an F-16 accident early July 1982 while in our 80TH TFS.

Dave, Craig, and Scott in Front of Old Juvats

Attached is a photo of us old Juvats deployed with the 55 EFS from Shaw AFB last winter (Oct08-Jan09) to Balad, Iraq.  From left to right Capt Dave “Saigon” Burshstein, Maj Craig “Rip” Simmons, Maj Scott “Buster” Clyman.  We all had a good deployment over there and were lucky to have a good crew of fellow Juvats in both Wing…

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MSgt R. Hockenberry

 Here is a great photo! Just my way of saying thanks to the greatest FS I’ve ever been a part of. MSgt R. Hockenberry; 80th Production Super Jan 4 2007 to Jan 1 2010 Thanks Juvats!!!!!!

Falcon Heritage Forum Sept 08

E-mail received 8 August 2009 from Korean-era LTM Jerry Minton:  “Jay, In September ’08 the U.S. Air Force Academy held a Falcon Heritage Forum – “Korea: The Unresolved Conflict.”  A Headhunter/Juvat Mini Reunion took place while we were there. In the individual photos left to right are Lt Col Van “Al” Wimmer (CC 80th June ’06-June ’07), Capt. Jerry Minton…

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Headhunters in Lafayette Oct 08

One of our Korean-era LTM’s, Neil O’Keefe, Sent in these photos on 27 October 2008 with the following e-mail: “Jay, Jan & Dr John Mickey hosted those three old “HEADHUNTERS” again this year in Lafayette, LA.  The old guys were all there day one in the Korean “Police Action” and stayed to complete a total of 375 missions.  Bob Swartz…

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Thanksgiving 2007

These four photos of the recent Thanksgiving Day feast were sent in 11 December 2007 by the current Squadron Commander, Lt Col Tom “Cy” Klopotek.

Camp Victory Base, Baghdad Iraq – Nov 2007

These two great photos were sent in 25 November 2007 by Col William “Willie” Brandt.  Here is his e-mail message: “JayBird, Willie Brandt here.  I am sending a photo of Col Eric ‘Wiener’ Schnitzer and me taken 25 Nov 2007 on the back patio of ‘Air Force House’, Camp Victory Base, Baghdad, Iraq.  Wiener was ‘transferring authority’ of the Air…

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Lafayette Oct 2007

This photo of four of our Korean-era LTM’s was sent in 8 Oct 2007 by Neil O’keefe.  The Headhunter Squadron buddies got together in Lafayette, LA the 6th and 7th to talk over old times in the 80th.  (L-R) Neil O’Keefe, Brig Gen Elwood Kees, Col Jim Davenport, & Maj Bob Swartz.  Thanks to Neil for the great photo!

P38 Restoration

Click here for a short 1min 48sec video of the painting of the nose art on a beautifully restored flying P-38 at Oshkosh this summer.  The paint scheme is that of our own Norb Ruff —  one of our Association founders, reunion regulars and LTM.  Below are some photos sent in by John “Weebs” Wiebener.  Thanks, Weebs!  Beautiful bird!  The…

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F80 Computer Art

This photo and write-up was sent in on 7 March 2007 by Baird Martin “Jay – I just had to let you know about this one.  A particular group of 1950 graduates from VA Tech  (actually the members of the Regimental Band, the Highty-tighties) went back to the campus in September for a mini-reunion. While there, we visited the Cadet…

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Archie Caldwell and Errol Flynn 1951

This photo and write-up was sent in on 2 February 2007 by Archie Caldwell “That’s 1/Lt Archie Caldwell (left) and Mr Errol Flynn ( 1951).  Flynn stopped by Kimpo on his way to Japan and then the States. I think I remember there was a large amount of whiskey and beer consumed that afternoon. Is that Billy Dixon in the…

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