"Aces of The Eighth" by Jack Fellows

Phoenix, AZ: September 7-10, 1989

Phoenix, AZ 11th Reunion Hosted by Dean Price* & Steve Ludick 7 – 10 September 1989 This outstanding reunion was originally planned to be hosted by Korean-era member Dean Price.  However, Dean passed away a few months prior to the reunion date.  Kirby asked Steve Ludick to take over–he did, and he did a superb job!    

Williamsburg, VA: May 19-22, 1988

Williamsburg, VA 10th Reunion Hosted by Bill Hagar 19 – 22 May 1988 Bill Hagar hosted an outstanding reunion!  This was JayBird’s first reunion after Kirby “found” him in late 1987.     JayBird also met Yale and Ruth Saffro at this reunion along with all these other Squadron legends.  Yale was the one who drew our original Donald Duck…

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McAllen, TX: October 9-12, 1986

McAllen, TX 9th Reunion Hosted by Kirby & L. C. Bradley 9 – 12 October 1986 Kirby hosted this great reunion (again) with L. C. Bradley.  It was also the first time the new “Juvats” attended in numbers–about 9 or 10.    

Colorado Springs, CO: June 20-23, 1985

Colorado Springs, CO 8th Reunion Hosted by Don McGee & Howard Peterson 20 – 23 June 1985 Two years after the last reunion in Salt Lake City, Don McGee & Howard Peterson hosted this reunion in Colorado Springs

Salt Lake City, UT: June 9-12, 1983

Salt Lake City, UT 7th Reunion Hosted by Mark Kasper 9 – 12 June 1983 Two years after the last reunion in Cocoa Beach, Florida, this one was held in beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah hosted by Mark Kasper.  It was also another great one!    

Cocoa Beach, FL: June, 1981

Cocoa Beach, FL 6th Reunion Hosted by Robert “Salty” Peters June 1981 Another great reunion          

San Antonio, TX: May 17-20, 1979

San Antonio, TX 5th Reunion Hosted by Jay Robbins, Kirby, & Paul Murphey 17 – 20 May 1979 This 5th reunion, the first in San Antonio, was another great success, and was hosted by Jay Robbins, Kirby, and Paul Murphey–all from Texas        

Dayton, OH: June 30-July 3, 1977

Dayton, OH 4th Reunion Hosted by Esbern Johnson 30 June – 3 July 1977 This reunion was held two years after the 3rd and was hosted by Es Johnson.          

San Diego, CA: July 10-13, 1975

San Diego, CA 3rd Reunion Hosted by Herschal Barnes & Glenn Hope 10 – 13 July 1975 After the three-year gap between  the 1st and 2nd reunions, it was decided to move up the reunions to two years apart–too many friends passing away.  Thus, this 3rd reunion was held two years after the 2nd.  Herschal Barnes and Glenn Hope hosted…

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Oshkosh, WI: July 20-22, 1973

Oshkosh, WI 2nd Reunion Hosted by Louis Schriber 20 – 22 July 1973 The 1st reunion in Jackson Hole, WY back in 1970 was a huge success.  It was decided to have another reunion three years later, and that Lou Schriber would host it in his hometown of Oshkosh, WI.  This second reunion was also an outstanding get-together, and it…

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Jackson Hole, WY: June 22-29, 1970

Jackson Hole, WY 1st Reunion Hosted by M. F. Kirby 22 – 29 June 1970 The Wort Hotel The Headhunter group was started in 1969 by M. F. “Kirby” Kirby, Lt Gen Jay T. Robbins, and Norb Ruff.  After several months of tracking many old WWII buddies down, the first reunion was held in June, 1970.  Only our WWII people…

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